Office Design

Kimery Wealth Management

When asking a potential client to entrust you with the fruits of their labor – their wealth and financial well-being – they will consider a number of things: a company’s track record, reputation, the institutional knowledge, competency and professionalism of its staff. And, believe it or not, a company’s physical environment holds a significant amount of sway in establishing confidence in a wealth management firm.

Our task with Kimery Wealth Management in Memphis was to impart a feeling to visitors that they are walking into a well-established, solid and successful business. Kimery is a privately-owned investment advisory practice that specializes in family wealth advising and institutional consulting for individuals, family groups, and non-profits. They provide sophisticated investment strategies; likewise, the space from which they provide these services required a sophisticated approach.

Clients entering Kimery’s offices step into a refined receiving area in which marble floors and tasteful lighting impart a timeless aesthetic. We avoided trends in colors and accents, opting instead for a neutral palette and the understated elegance of lilies. By telling a cohesive design story throughout this commercial space, we achieved our client’s vision for a space that conveys a sense of roots and stability, qualities that go a long way in establishing trust when finances are involved.

Considerations in Commercial Design

When it comes to commercial design, one size does not fit all. Every project is unique, with its own style, brand and function to consider. While there is no cookie-cutter solution, one can approach each project with a philosophy that guides the design. The core of the philosophy is functionality, around which the various other elements of commercial design will take their cues.

Typically, Graham Reese Design Group’s clients seek an upscale, boutique feel in which rich materials, understated design elements and sophisticated lighting are prominent. Regardless of the scale of the project, a business’s fundamental purpose will serve as the launching pad for our job of interpreting their brand identity in a physical space. After the primary function has been determined, we are tasked with making the space serviceable as well as visually pleasing.

Exceptional commercial design will result in an innovative and inviting branded environment with minimal wasted space. Appropriately laid-out corridors that make navigation easy is vital for customer experience. Design that is conducive to employee productivity is also imperative. Graham Reese Design Group likes utilizing glass where possible to take advantage of the benefits of natural light, which are not only aesthetic but also known to play a part in worker efficiency. Additionally, it is wise to consider incorporating areas that allow people to gather by providing employees with perceived “support spaces” in which coworkers can congregate.

Finally, but certainly not last, Graham Reese Design Group places an emphasis on creating a signature lobby. It is not only a customer’s first impression, but it also marks the beginning of an enterprise’s entire space and sets the tone for the experience one can expect beyond the lobby. If commercial design is executed properly, the foundation of functionality will naturally support a business’s personality as expressed through its brand story.

Grizzlies Players Family Lounge

When the Grizzlies players and their families come to the games at the FedEx Forum, they often have families and younger children to consider. Often times, long events can put stress on younger children, so the Grizzlies Ordination felt the need to a family lounge for the players’ families and kids. The key to designing this space was to give function and comfort to these families as they watch the games. This space was designed to cater to both the parents and the kids, and the resulting design was sleek and simple.

I began by creating a more workable kitchen with a breakfast bar, and added another restroom. A secondary nursery was added to this space for the smaller kids. I also added a secondary playroom for the Children that are too old for the nursery, complete with a lower wall so that the parents could easily keep an eye on their kids while they watch the game. Although most of the family members go into the stadium to watch the game live, I felt it was important to add oversized TV’s to this lounge, so that parents with restless children could still see their family members play, and so parents visiting the kitchen do not miss any vital plays.

Designing this space required a lot of focus on functionality. It was important to take into account how the space was to be used by families, and to make a stylish but comfortable lounge for parents and children to enjoy was key. For the parents, I made sure there would be easy access to both the basketball games and the children. For the children, I gave all age groups a place to either play or sleep. I was happy to add another project to my portfolio for the Memphis Grizzlies.