The Best Seat in the House: Agave Maria

Location, location, location. You hear that phrase time and again in regard to real estate, but in terms of restaurants and bars? Why not? The best seat in the house is prime real estate in a popular eatery or watering hole – only the location doesn’t affect price, just a patron’s experience. Whether the best table provides an excellent vantage point from which to see and be seen or is tucked into a romantic nook, those who score premier seating will feel like the most important people in the place.

At Agave Maria in Downtown Memphis, Graham Reese Design Group created a branded environment that interpreted the restaurant owner’s vision of “Tijuana Chic” – an elevated dining experience in a funky, authentic atmosphere. With details like tufted leather, splashes of fuschia and a taxidermied bull overlooking the dining room, Agave Maria sets itself apart from the typical Tex-Mex restaurant both on the plate and in the decor.

Within this relatively small “kitchen and cantina” are several spots that can be considered best in the house: three booths in the front and the booth in the back provide views of the bar and dining room, as well as the activity of a bustling downtown seen through the windows facing Union Avenue. The high booths are comfortable and intimate, which encourages longer visits, and illuminated by handmade pendant lights from Mexico that make the food look as amazing as it tastes. The wide tables provide elbow room, and comfortably accommodate larger groups meeting up for happy hour. Elevated a step above the floor tables, the booths also provide patrons a measure of privacy while dining and people-watching.

Graham Reese Design Group gave personality to a space by executing their client’s vision for an authentic yet hip experience. The attention to detail ensures that, while there’s not a bad table in the place, customers who get the best seat(s) in the house will feel like VIPs.