The Story Behind the Design – Tamp and Tap East Memphis

Tamp & Tap is a coffeeshop and tap room local to Memphis Tennessee. The first location is in the urban, downtown core, and the second is in an upscale office building. When it came to designing the second location, it was important that the space needed to be designed to reach a different market than its downtown counterpart.

To cater to the upscale business clientele in the building, I incorporated neutral materials, marble, and tufted bar fronts around the space. This space was meant to stray away from the average, dumpy “grind house”, and boast more of a well-travelled, big city feel.

A key feature of this space is the large conference room table on the main floor, with a floor -to-ceiling  transparent screen. This area allows customers an escape from their daily office space, and it gives them a space suitable for work while giving them a change in environment. The screen offers privacy, while the transparency of it keeps guests from feeling trapped or confined.

It is important to keep in mind the demographic of your customers when you are designing.  By providing a sleeker and more elegant coffee cafe for Tamp and Tap’s second location, the customers have a more comfortable and functional space, and the design finishes are continuous with that of the building.